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Compensation to  Gujarat Riot Victims


Public Meeting

Fatwa on Terrorism issued by Mufti Fuzail-ur-Rahman Hilal Usmani
(Pronounced in person at a Public Meeting, “Citizens Against Terror”, organized by Citizens for Justice and Peace, Muslims for Secular Democracy and others in Mumbai on July 27, 2006).

Text of Fatwa: Hindi | Urdu | Marathi | Gujarati

Message from Sajjadanashin Of
Hazrat Khwaja Saheb,
Ajmer Shari

Press Coverage of Meeting

Statement of Condemnation
(Mumbai Blast)


SC judgment
Re-trial of Best Bakery Case
outside Gujarat

(April 12, 2004)

Media Archive



  List of Prosecution,    
  defence witnesses
  Chart for the
  identification of
  the accused
  Chart for the
  identification of
  the weapon
  List of accused  (pdf)
  Contradictory statements  
  by Zahira and family
  Zahira Speak  (pdf)
  Hostile witnesses:    (pdf)
  Criminal consequences
  Modi on NHRC, CJ  (pdf)
  Pending petition for  (pdf)
  re- investigation, transfer
  No appeals  (pdf)
 Partisan prosecutors (pdf)
 Partisan Investigation (pdf)
 Vadodara witnesses (pdf)
  Case History
 Supreme court  
(Mar 8, '06)
  Mazgaon (Mumbai)
  session court
(Full Judgement)  
 ( Feb 24, '06)
  Mazgaon (Mumbai)
  session court
 (Feb 24, '06)
  SC Judgement: transfer
  and  retrial in Mumbai
(April 12, '04)
  SC order expunging
  remarks against
  Teesta, Mihir
  Gujarat HC order
  Dec. 26, '03/Jan 12, '04
  CJP and Zahira file
  SLP in SC
(Aug. 8, '03)
  Zahira/CJP press  
  conference in Mumbai

  (July 7, '03)
  Sessions Court
  Judgement, Vadodara

  (June 27, '03)

News Letter March 2006

Crime Against

Gujarat Riots
 Concerned Citizens Tribunal Report


Crime Against

( Abridged Version)


Gujarat 2002



The disclosures in Tehelka Magazine (February 12 and 19 2011) --The Smoking Gun and   ‘I was there. Narendra Modi said let the people vent their anger’ are a complete vindication of the Zakia Ahsan Jafri & Citizens for Justice and Peace's petition (SLP 1088/2088) in the Supreme Court in which the main prayer seeks direction for an FIR to be registered against Narendra Modi. The 199 page complaint was first sent to the Director General of Police, Gujarat (PC Pande promoted from the post of Commissioner of Police Ahmedabad on June 8, 2006. The Gujarat Police refused to  entertain the complaint. A petition was filed in the Gujarat High Court in February 2007 which was finally heard between June -September 2007 after two Judges declined to hear it. The petition in Gujarat HC which was argued at length and rejected in November 2007. The present SLP was then filed in the SC. The SC issued notice to the Gujarat Government on 3.3.2008 and gave our complaint to be investigated to the SIT on 27.4.2009. Through the entire process the Gujarat Gpvernment that is out to victimise those Human Rights Defenders and Policemen who stood on the side of truth and justice tried to use state power to block any investigations. The SIT submitted its report after preliminary investigations on 14.5.2010. In March 2008, the SC appointed Prashant Bhushan as Amicus Curiae in this case. he had to recuse himself on October 26, 2010 after last minute allegations were hurled against him by the Gujarat State. The newly appointed amicus Mr Raju Ramachandran submitted a confidential report giving his opion on future course of action to the Supreme Court on 20.1.2011. The Matter is now on 3.3.2011.

It is a historic date. Need all the solidarity and support.


  ‘I was there. Narendra Modi said let the people vent their anger’
DIG Sanjeev Bhatt knows the terrible truth about Gujarat 2002.
has his explosive revelations. Will the Supreme Court
    take it on record? (
Tehelka Magazine, Vol 8, Issue 7, Dated 19 Feb 2011)

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