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Compensation to  Gujarat Riot Victims


SC judgment
Re-trial of Best Bakery Case
outside Gujarat

(April 12, 2004)

Media Archive



  List of Prosecution,    
  defence witnesses
  Chart for the
  identification of
  the accused
  Chart for the
  identification of
  the weapon
  List of accused  (pdf)
  Contradictory statements  
  by Zahira and family
  Zahira Speak  (pdf)
  Hostile witnesses:    (pdf)
  Criminal consequences
  Modi on NHRC, CJ  (pdf)
  Pending petition for  (pdf)
  re- investigation, transfer
  No appeals  (pdf)
 Partisan prosecutors (pdf)
 Partisan Investigation (pdf)
 Vadodara witnesses (pdf)
  Case History
 Supreme court  
(Mar 8, '06)
  Mazgaon (Mumbai)
  session court
(Full Judgement)  
 ( Feb 24, '06)
  Mazgaon (Mumbai)
  session court
 (Feb 24, '06)
  SC Judgement: transfer
  and  retrial in Mumbai
(April 12, '04)
  SC order expunging
  remarks against
  Teesta, Mihir
  Gujarat HC order
  Dec. 26, '03/Jan 12, '04
  CJP and Zahira file
  SLP in SC
(Aug. 8, '03)
  Zahira/CJP press  
  conference in Mumbai

  (July 7, '03)
  Sessions Court
  Judgement, Vadodara

  (June 27, '03)

News Letter March 2006

Crime Against

Gujarat Riots
 Concerned Citizens Tribunal Report


Crime Against

( Abridged Version)


Gujarat 2002


March 13, 2013



As a follow up to the collective decisions made at the Eleventh Memorial of the Gujarat Carnage of 2002, Survivors and lawyer representatives of the CJP met with Gujarat Revenue Secretary DJ Pandian and submitted a detailed memorandum outlining the grave issues that they face in terms of absence of amenities. Attached is a copy of the memorandum given to the government today. Issues related to home and land regularisation, sanitation and public health in the Faisal Park, Vatwa, Ektanagar, Citizens Nagar areas have been raised in the memorandum. The Revenue Secretary assured the delegation that the Collector, Ahmedabad and Municipal Commissioner, Ahmedabad would look into the issues raised by the memorandum at the earliest.

Victim Survivors of 2002 who are also IDPs (internally displaced persons) continue to languish in sub-human conditions eleven years after the state sponsored massacre which saw the brutal killings of over 2,000 members of the minority community and rendered thousands homeless. A year long protest programme to demand dignified rehabilitation from the Gujarat government was launched from Citizenís Nagar, Bombay Hotel area from Thursday, February 28 2013, the eleventh anniversary of the pogrom.  The year-long mobilisation on behalf of IDPs will continue and extend to other rehabilitation colonies and IDPs living all over Gujarat. The memorandum will be accompanied by a detailed survey of 180 homes from these localities. The CJP will assist IDP communities all over Gujarat throughout the state to ensure regularization of their lands and homes, the provision of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, access to primary health and education.

Fr Cedric Prakash                                                                     Teesta Setalvad


130304 False and Forged letter Gulberg(to media official society letter).pdf  130313 Memo from Citizen Nagar Ekta Faisal Park



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