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Fatwa on Terrorism issued by Mufti Fuzail-ur-Rahman Hilal Usmani
(Pronounced in person at a Public Meeting, “Citizens Against Terror”, organized by Citizens for Justice and Peace, Muslims for Secular Democracy and others in Mumbai on July 27, 2006).

Text of Fatwa: Hindi | Urdu | Marathi | Gujarati

Message from Sajjadanashin Of
Hazrat Khwaja Saheb,
Ajmer Shari

Press Coverage of Meeting

Statement of Condemnation
(Mumbai Blast)


Gujarat 2002

Justice Delivery : A Fractured Process

March 28 2011

On March 23rd 2011,  the Forum Against the Oppression of Women (FAOW) & Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) jointly held a press meet on Women Survivors and the Justice Process in Gujarat...The meeting raised issues related to Mass Crimes, the Narrative of Gender Violence and Women. The CEDAW Committee Recs dated Oct 2010 made it relevant and topical. (link......)

The grit and courage of the survivors has enabled the narrative of gender violence that had been blotted out of the debate due to state propaganda and repression to return within the courts, forcing the justice process to take congisance of how women were brutalised during the 2002 violence and consistently by the state and non state actors thereafter. The fact that investigating agencies including the Supreme Court appointed SIT has not moved Courts for the cancellation of bail of the perpetrators has meant that victim survivors and eyewitnesses have had to depose in Court within Gujarat while the perpetrators roam the neighbourhoods issuing threats and innuendoes. At present victims and witneses have been given protection but what happens once the trials are completed. The pernicious manner in which the state, ie the government of Gujarat using sections of the media have tries to blur not just the narrative of gender violence but in the process, victimise and intimidate survivors and human rights defenders can be seen in the manner in which the Kauser Bano case has been mauled by a superficial and callous media. The real design behind recent attempts at intimidation and slander (the narrative of doctpring evidence and affidavits) is actually aimed at creating a defence against the conviction of 350 plus perpetrators in the Gulberg Society, Naroda Patia, Naroda Gaam, Sardarpura and Odh trials.

The team of 26 lawyers working with CJP and the survivors to ensure their legal protection during the trials do so at great professional and personal risk. In a maliciously communal atmosphere in the state, even lawyers have been threatened in Courts and the Bar association of the State has been singularly one sided in targeting those advocates who appear for the victims against the perpetrators.

These were the issues that were discussed at length at the meet.

Please do attend and give wide coverage to the event

The struggle for justice against the perpetrators of the Gujarat genocidal pogrom is at a critical stage with eight of the post Godhra cases reaching conclusion. There is possibilities of conviction of more than 350 plus perpetrators. A process made possible for the first time in the prosecution of mass crimes in India. In parallel, the historic complaint by a woman survivor Mrs Zakia Ahsan Jafri backed by a legal rights group Citizens for Justice and Peace against the chief minister and 61 others has also reached a crucial stage.

Over the past nine years, grit, determination, depression and satisfaction have meant highs and lows for the battle. But what has the nitty gritty of the justice delivery process meant for women and men survivors? People who have been deposing with courage and conviction as eye witnesses in the trial process of courts in Ahmedabad, Anand and Mehsana within Gujarat – they had to struggle to get their voices heard, evidence recorded and had to go up to the high court to ensure legal representation under Section 24(8)(2) of the Cr. PC. A hostile atmosphere, non empathetic judicial officers and prosecutors have not deterred survivors from stating their case.

For the women's movement, the narrative of sexual violence has returned, re surfaced despite the best efforts of the Gujarat State and Perpetrator Accused to use propaganda to state that brute gender violence was never the sub text of the pogrom.

To share these experiences and to reveal the correct face of the democratic judicial system in Gujarat we have a few survivors coming from Ahmedabad to talk of these and other struggles they are waging everyday of their life. They are,

·Rupaben Modi, Survivor & Eyewitness of Gulberg Society Massacre,

· Jannatbi Kallubhai Shaikh, Survivor & Eyewitness of Naroda Patiya Massacre,

· Shakila Ferozbhai Pathan, Survivor & Eyewitness of Naroda Patiya Massacre,

· Farzana Aiyub Shaikh, Survivor & Eyewitness of Naroda Patiya Massacre,

· Sairaben and Salimbhai Sandhi survivors of the Gulberg Massacre,

· Shabana Mansuri advocate for CJP and before Nanavati Comission

·Teesta Setalvad Secretary Citizens for Justice and Peace

Date: 23rd March 2010

Time: 3.00pm to 6.00 pm

Venue: Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh, Mumbai


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