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Compensation to  Gujarat Riot Victims


Public Meeting

Fatwa on Terrorism issued by Mufti Fuzail-ur-Rahman Hilal Usmani
(Pronounced in person at a Public Meeting, “Citizens Against Terror”, organized by Citizens for Justice and Peace, Muslims for Secular Democracy and others in Mumbai on July 27, 2006).

Text of Fatwa: Hindi | Urdu | Marathi | Gujarati

Message from Sajjadanashin Of
Hazrat Khwaja Saheb,
Ajmer Shari

Press Coverage of Meeting

Statement of Condemnation
(Mumbai Blast)


   Extra Judicial Killing

Gujarat Encounters:________________________________________________

Backgrounder (pdf)
Encounter Killings in Gujarat and State Complicity
Series of Encounters in Gujarat since October 2002

   Judge Tamang Inquiry Report on the Ishrat Jahan Killing (pdf 766kb) 
Sep. 7, 2009)

   (Press Invite) CJP demands comprehensive judicial probe   (September 8, 2009)

   CJP demands comprehensive judicial probe  (September 9, 2009)

   List of Encounters -- Gujarat  (PDF)

    MHA Affidavit in Ishrat Jahan Case  (August 6, 2009)

    Petition by Ishrat's Mother Shamima Kausar (August 19, 2004)

   CJP applies to Gujarat High Court on Jaffer Kasim's encounter (PDF) (Jan. 16, 2008)

  Supreme Court application of CJP and Mariam Jaffer Hussain  (PDF)
(Jan. 21, 2009)

    CJP appeals to CJI Gujarat on Mahendra Jadhav Encounter (PDF) (November. 20, 2007)

  Supreme Court application of CJP and Sumitra Jadhav  (PDF)
(Jan. 21, 2009)

Other Encounters:_____________________________________________________

   Fear and hope still live - In at Batlahouse (Mail Today, Sept. 18, 2009)

   Govt must set up independent probe (Mail Today, Sept. 18, 2009)

   Azamgarh prays for daughters now (Mail Today, Sept. 18, 2009)

   Media coverage:_____________________________________________________

| Sept. 10, 2009 | Sept. 9, 2009 | Sept. 8, 2009 | (PDF)

   IB officer fed Vanjara with ‘ inputs’ on Ishrat (Mail Today, Oct. 1, 2009)

   Centre’s rewrite: Never justified Ishrat killing but let probe go on
(The Indian Express, Oct. 1, 2009)

   Centre says it did not justify Gujarat police action
      (The DNA, Oct. 1, 2009)

    CBI inquiry demanded into killing of Sohrabuddin accomplice
       (The Hindu,
Sep. 30, 2009)

    The Death Of A Family  (Tehelka, Sep. 26, 2009)  

    Murder by encounter (Frontline, Sep. 26-Oct. 09, 2009)

    How The Dead Haunt  (Tehelka, Sept. 26, 2009)

    The other encounters  (The Indian Express, Sept. 18, 2009)

    Sohrabuddin case: Solicitor Gen says govt gave Johri land

       (The Indian Express, Sept. 18, 2009)

    Sohrabuddin fake encounter -- Press Clippings  (Sept. 17, 2009)

    'I think Modi hates Muslims' (Mid Day)   (Sept. 17, 2009)

    ‘The crux is politicisation of the police’ (The Times of India)  
Sept. 16, 2009)

     Ishrat Jahan: a family’s personal trauma (The Hindu)   (Sept. 17, 2009)

    'More encounters in Guj than in Naxal-hit states'  (The DNA) 
(Sept. 9, 2009)

   Families of other victims speak up, demand judicial inquiry
      (The Indian Express) 
(Sept. 9, 2009)

  `Encounters meant to please Modi, probe all' (Hindustan Times)
(Sept. 9, 2009)

   Fake encounters: Modi govt culpable? (Economic Times) (Sept. 11, 2009)

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